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Donkomi Mall launches in Ghana with exciting offers

Donkomi, Donkomi, that’s the sound of a new and exciting mobile lottery platform that has been duly launched in Ghana for and by Ghanaians.

“Donkomi” is an Akan word which could loosely be translated as affordable and with affordability comes an equal opportunity for everyone to own whatever they dream of or desires, be it cash or gadgets, and that is exactly what Donkomi Mall, the new kid on the block, is bringing to the Ghanaian lottery markets.

With Donkomi Mall, everyone has a fair chance of winning at all times because it is operated in a uniquely transparent, fair and accountable atmosphere and through the use of modern technology.

Donkomi Mall, as stated earlier, gives everyone a fair chance to bid and win anything they dreams of, from iPhones, Samsung and Infinix phones, cash prizes, Playstation 4 and 5, Flat screen Television, washing machines, Blenders, Air conditioners to Laptops, among other exciting items.

We’re legit

This is not a scam. Donkomi Mall is a legit mobile lottery platform licensed and authorized by the Ghana Gaming Commission. Additionally, Donkomi Mall is the brainchild of SPTECH GHANA, a company registered in Ghana by the Registrar General’s Department.  

This means that our activities are supervised, monitored and regulated by the Gaming Commission and of course the Registrar General’s Department albeit through SPTECH GHANA.

How we operate

We’re a mobile lottery platform with a wide range of products ranging from electronic gadgets to home appliances available on display for bidding from the general public.

Winning with us is easy, all one has to do is to login to our website, , register with their phone numbers, click on any item of their choice from the list on display and then place or submit a bid for it through MoMo.

Bidding starts from GHC1 to GHCS 10 depending on the item displayed for auction. This is the lowest starting bid compared to what pertains in the market.

Although there are a number of products on display, each one of them has a set timeout for bidding. However, if all the bids set for the product were not sold before timeout, the draw will be automatically carried out, and the winner emerges.

The winner is then entitled to enjoy 70% of the revenue of all bids sold as cash prize. Again, this is the best reward offer compared to anything in the market currently.

In addition to the above, if just one bid was placed on a certain product before timeout, Donkomi mall will return the bid amount to the user's wallet.

A user may choose to bid on a iPhone 12 which is worth GHS10,749, the number of bids is determined by the retail value of the product divided by the bid price. For this product, the number of bids is 1290 at GHCS10 per bid and the draw is set for 11 days and 22 hours.

The user may choose 1 or more bids to increase his/her chance of winning and make payment from his/her MoMo wallet.

As soon as `1290 bids have been placed, the draw will be automatically carried out and a winner emerges. This will be the case even if the bid is complete before the 11days and 22 hour time limit.

Alternatively, if less than 1290 bids are placed, a draw will be carried out once the 11days and 22 hour time limit expires. In this case, Donkomi Mall, as mentioned earlier, will pay the winner cash equivalent between 70 to 80% of the bids sold amount. For instance if 900 bids are placed, the sum of GHS9, 000 will be realized. In this case, the sum of GHS9,000 (70% of GHS9,000) will be paid to the winner as cash prize.

If just one bid was placed on a certain product before timeout, Donkomi shall return the bid amount to the user's wallet.

All users can view the bid records for each product by clicking on “Winner” menu on the website or App for Fairness & Transparency. There is always a winner from the bids pool for each product on the platform.

The difference

Winning is a lot easier with Donkomi Mall because with us everyone wins. All one has to do is to login to our website to register.

Apart from placing more bids to increase one’s chances of winning, there is also the referral system which simply rewards users for sharing the link to their friends and family.

For every single referral, a 5% bonus will be given to the referrer for six months. Our current promotion gives all customers the chance to get GHS1 instantly in the next 2 weeks anytime a new person registers with their referral link.

As stated earlier, we have the best percentage reward, as users are rewarded 70% of revenues sold on incomplete bids of items to prize winners, as compared to the 60% of revenue on incomplete bids of items by other gaming platforms.

Apart from bidding for items, Donkomi Mall also has other exciting virtual betting games, where you can have fun and still win some cash at the same time. With the Spin wheel games, Roulette and Slot games, you can win easy and with instant cash.

Most people have the notion that companies like ours unfairly run their raffles and as such do not fairly and transparently select their winners. The good news, however, is that Donkomi Mall is here to make things right. Our clients should be rest assured that the lottery is conducted fairly, clearly and transparently under the supervision of the Ghana Gaming Commission.

How to register and place a bid

1. Click

2.Download the Donkomi Mall App from the website

3.Create your account with your mobile phone number.

4.Clcik on the product you like among the listed items available but remember that bid starts from GHC1 to GHC 10 depending on the item displayed for auction.

5.Place a bid or more bids on that product

6.Confirm your bid ( a payment guide will pop up) and make your payment with Donkomi Mall wallet, which you can recharge via MTN MoMo.

7.After registering and placing your bid, click on "invite friend" to share the link to your friends and family on social media. Remember, referrals also come with cash bonuses.

Do not forget that the more you bid, the higher your chances of winning. All users can view the bid records for each product by clicking on the ‘’Winner’’ menu on the website or App. There is always a winner from the bids pool for each product on the platform.

Content created and supplied by: D_Ham123 (via Opera News )

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