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How to start and become a successful blogger in Ghana and earn money

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A blogger is someone who publishes content on a blog for others to read. You can blog from anywhere in the world. The purpose of blogging is to share knowledge. Anything from news to technology, games, movies, money, gossip, and everything in between. You are a blogger if you are publishing any of these details on your site. As a result, a successful blogger is also a successful information distributor. 

However, as more people attempt to make money through blogging, the market has become extremely competitive. However, no matter how competitive it has gotten, if you follow the advice in this article, you may become a successful blogger.

1.Choose the right niche or topic

The first step to becoming a successful blogger is to choose a niche (topic) in which you are interested and skilled. This is critical if you want to run a lucrative blog. You can start with news, games, gossip, entertainment, celebrities, etc. if only you are good at or have interest in. Start there, no matter what niche you're skilled at.

2.Choose your domain name

The next thing to do is to choose your domain name which suite your niche or topic of blogging, example;,,, etc. The domain name should be easy to be recognized.

3.Choose a reliable hosting company

Choose a hosting company in Ghana to host your website. I recommend that you choose a reliable hosting company that is quick and provides excellent customer service when creating your blog. Blogging requires a lot of speed. Nobody likes a blog that takes a long time to load. Neither do they. A blog that loads quickly will help you rank higher. And it all starts with your hosting. A competent customer service department is also necessary since you may run into problems and want assistance.

4.Post original content and regular updates

Originality is highly vital if you want to be successful at blogging and make money blogging! This is where many bloggers fall short. They start by creating a blog and copying and pasting content from other blogs. Post your own content. It's also not enough to start a blog, publish five posts, leave for a month, return, publish one post, and then vanish. Nobody is going to take you seriously. Neither your readers nor the search engine are to blame. The importance of consistency cannot be overstated. Continue to write. As much as you possibly can, do it on a more regular basis.

5.Monitize your blog

Making money from your blog is one of the primary motivations for becoming a blogger. Learning how to monetize your blog is essential if you want to make money from it. To earn money blogging, you must properly monetize your site. There are blogs that will make good money from Google AdSense because of their niche, and there are blogs that will make more money from Affiliate marketing. There are also more available ways to monitize your blog.

6.Submit your blog to google search engine

Search engines will be able to better comprehend your blog if you submit it to them. It will also assist you in determining how well your blog is working and where you need to make changes. It's as simple as signing up and submitting your link. Verify that you are the owner of the website. Then, using the yoast plugin or another sitemap plugin, create a sitemap and submit it.

7.Be on social media

One way to be successful to promote your blog on social media. Let it be present on the social media in order for people to know what you offer on your website. This will allow the interested persons to visit your site more frequently for updates.

If you follow these above steps, you will become a successful blogger in Ghana and earn money. If you have any question, drop it down here for assistance.

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