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NSS; How To Simply Get Access To Your Nss Pincode.

The National Service Scheme will soon release the Pincode for the 2020/2021 national service personnels for the mandatory one year national service program probably next month.

Below are the procedures to follow in order to get your NSS pincode.

1. login, select *Get* *pincode* options then enter your Date of Birth and index number correctly to retrieve your pincode.

2. Copy the pincodes down.

3. take the pincodes to any ADB BANK to make payment of Gh40 to NSS account before you can proceed to register at Cafe.

4. Or instead of going to the ADB BANK you can make that payment Gh41 through your MTN momo only, by following the steps below:

1: Dial *170#

2: select option 2 ( pay bill)

3: select 5 ( general payment)

4: enter payment code:

NB: for the payment code, type *NSS* bring one space then you type that pincode you copied from the NSS site.

Example, *NSS* *HLG41483* 

5: At this stage if you followed up the steps well, your name must display on your phone! if you didn't see your name at this stage, pls cut off and start the process again carefully. If your name is seen then you proceed...

6: Enter deposit amount ( then you type the *Gh41*)

7: you will be ask for reference number after typing the amount, ( note type *NSS* as the reference)

8: Enter MTN pincode ( then you type your momo pin) 

9: you will receive message from MTN to confirm the transactions.

10: you will receive another message from NSS to proceed with the online registration.

11: After this payment now that you can go to Cafe and do your online registration. 

remember to go with the pincode you copied from NSS site, Valid National ID and passport picture with white background if possible and try to take your printout after the online registration.

Note: the pincodes are not out yet.

Content created and supplied by: Zy0z (via Opera News )

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