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5 apps that will change your life in 2021-2022


January can be tough; it’s cold, payday seems to be getting further away, rather than closer, and, let’s not even mention those New Year’s resolutions that you solemnly vowed not to give up on…

If you need some help keeping those resolutions for more than a month, we’ve put together some info on 5 life-changing apps that can help.

1. Get fitter and healthier with Aaptiv: the always-there personal trainer.

The Ultimate <a class=Aaptiv Review 2020 | TrueWellnyss"/>

Do you want to get fit and stay healthy but find it difficult to get motivated? Or, do you have your fitness routine down already but, feel that there’s something missing? Either way, Aaptiv could be what you’ve been looking for.

Using audio workouts that are guided by certified trainers and synced perfectly with motivating playlists, Aaptiv caters to all your fitness needs. From cardio sessions to stretch and strength training. The app even offers expert advice on sleep and nutrition.

Sound good? If you fancy giving it a go, you can claim a free 12-month Aaptiv subscription between 20th December 2018 and 19th February 2019 when you buy a new, qualifying handset in our January sale.

2. Become a money-saving pro with Money Dashboard

Money Dashboard review - Is it the UK&#39;s best personal finance app? - Money  To The Masses

This life-changing app makes keeping track of your money easy. You can view all your bank accounts in one, easy to view place. Money Dashboard can help you to set and achieve budgets, plan for the future, and to see how you’re actually spending your money. Handy if you’re trying to pull yourself out of that ol’ payday to payday trap.

3. Go on more trips with Lucky Trip

Lucky Trip: Adventure Curation App | Stylus

Trying to decide on where to go, then trawling through what feels like hundreds of websites trying to find flights and hotels that are within your budget; booking a weekend away can be a nightmare. That’s where Lucky Trip comes in. The one-stop-shop for all your trip-planning needs. Just enter in your budget then, click “Lucky” and the app will find you somewhere to go, somewhere to stay and something fun to do while you’re there. With over 300 destinations worldwide to choose from, you’re spoilt for choice. What’s more, you can book everything right there on the app, waving goodbye to hours of planning with just one tap.

4. Learn a new language with Duolingo

Duolingo Vs Professional Language Training - Here Is Our Honest Review.

Not only is it handy to learn a new language; it’s good for your brain too, improving your memory and attention span for starters. With Duolingo, you don’t have to worry about trying to find the time to go to a class either. You can learn over 30 languages by playing games, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Starting with the basics and learning new words every day. All that at your own pace and for free. Awesome, huh?

5. Live a healthier, happier life with Headspace

Headspace is now free for people who are unemployed in the US - The Verge

The stresses of daily life can leave you feeling exhausted and out of balance. It can be easy to push that important “you time” to the bottom of your ever-growing to-do list. It shouldn’t take a back-seat though, and Headspace is the best app for mindfulness, helping you to take the time to focus on yourself and the stuff that matters most.

You can sign up for free and learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation. Or, you can subscribe and get access to hundreds of meditations, over 40 mindfulness exercises, Headspace for kids, plus loads more.

Apps that will change your life 2019

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