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Do this to make your android phone run 10 times faster.

Make your android run fast to it maximum limit

It's very upsetting if your android phone freezes whiles doing an important task with it.

You'll sometimes even feel like hitting it on a wall or the ground, well , It's time for you to be very happy becausehere are some best solutions to your problem.

Let's continue,

1. Go to your settings.

2. Go to your system

3. Go to About phone.

4. Go to "Build number"

Click on "build number" 7 times.

4. Go back and you will see a "Developer option".

Click on it.

6. Do this, scroll down to the window animation scale, transition animation scale and the animator duration scale

Change the default settings to


Now it's done , use your phone like never before. This method is used on all android phones or majority of android phones.

If you also want to disable it, just go back to your settings and click on the Developer options, turn the button off .

This will send you android phone to it normal state . You can also restart the phone.

Content created and supplied by: MichaelAppiah. (via Opera News )


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