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Turns out "Netflix Gaming" is not a streaming service.

A month after the wave of announcements of its new strategy focused on games, Netflix explained how it will "publish" video games in the near future: in the form of a downloadable smartphone application, exclusively reserved for paying subscribers of streaming videos.  This news coincides with the company's public launch of Netflix Gaming on Thursday as part of the service's smartphone app . It also announced the launch of two games as part of the service today: Stranger Things 3, a 16-bit beat that was previously available as a standalone purchase on Google Play (and still exists now on PC and console); and Stranger Things: 1984, a brand new smartphone-specific game that seems to revolve around slow motion puzzle solving in a pixelated TV series environment. 

Netflix Android app while using IP Address then open new file Tab "N Gaming" for region.  This process is a bit dizzying and certainly not common among game or smartphone app platforms. Download and use the dedicated Netflix smartphone app.  The good news about this access method is that Netflix can promise two important things in its gated gaming umbrella: no in-game purchases (aka microtransactions, or MTX) and no there are ads. 

If you're wondering, Poland has recently become a more popular test region for game and app launches, with Sony's PlayStation Plus Video Pass currently remaining a promo-only promotion. Thursday's Netflix Gaming launch event made it clear, for now, Netflix has no plans to be the "Netflix of video games," at least in terms of mimicking the streaming app. Today's announcement reminds users that the company is "exploring what the game is like on Netflix," a statement that gives the company legal time to say it may one day announce a new version of the game. 

But Netflix's choice to announce a specific game production roadmap today, without hinting at popular choices like PCs, consoles, or cloud streaming platforms, is pretty fraught.

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