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Funny Whatsapp Status Updates That Will Make You Laugh Like A Mad Man

WhatsApp is very interesting, the fact that one mobile application has the ability to perform all these tasks is just amazing. Video calls, audio calls, text messages and audio recordings all built into one small application is just a genius idea. What amazes me most is the status updates section of the WhatsApp application. With one small medium such as WhatsApp status updates, all the magic happens for everyone to see.

People have noticed how others love watching their status updates and have therefore transformed this platform into a business advertisement media. All manner of people advertise all sorts of business, from small scale to large scale. This has helped some businesses thrive even in the time of the global pandemic and has also served as a good way to discover and show off new businesses.

For me, the main reason why I love watching WhatsApp status updates is because of entertainment purposes. People post all sorts of videos, and images but the ones that get to me most are funny posts. These kind of posts instantly relieve you from stress and give you a magical moment. Kindly share these funny WhatsApp statuses with your friends to light up their day.

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