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The app that detects covid-19 from voice/cough audio

This pandemic has called for the utmost ingenuity of all people around the world to come to play in developing various innovations to tackle this pandemic at various sectors.

A group of engineers, AI experts and researchers in several countries are urgently working to develop a mobile phone application to rapidly and accurately assess whether the speaker shows indications of covid-19. These experts plan to utilize the advanced audio capture and processing power of smartphones to analyse audio from coughs and spoken test phrases to match individual micro-characteristics against a large database they are gathering and building.

Scans of the trachea.

The team is planning to take voice and cough audio from millions of people including individuals with covid-19. The team will profile people from their voices through their AI system. The AI will then correlate certain human parameters that may be relevant to covid-19.

Website of MCU where they ask for voice samples from visitors.

Since testing around the world is inaccessible to many and sometimes expensive, the need for such innovative is very great. The world is looking for solutions to the pandemic in terms of rapid diagnosis and treatment. Researchers would be needed to contribute to such innovative and help build large databases in order to have an excellent quick and free testing system.

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