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Do You Know How To Check The Amount Of Radiation Your Phone Emits?

There is no denying the fact that our cell phones do have side effects despite their usefulness, and you should know, one very severe side effect has got to do with " Emission of Radiation". Our phones emit different amounts of radiation, and it is very important if we all know the SAR's( Specific Absorption Rates) of our phones. Luckily, there exists a code that allows you to check your phone's SAR_ but before I share it with you, know that it is advisable to only use phones whose SAR fall below " 1.6W/kg". The code which allows you to check this is" *#07#". We should all take this seriously as studies have show that these radiations are very lethal_ one study points out that excessive exposure has the potential of causing brain cancer. You sure wouldn't want to use a phone that reduces your life span, do well to check your phone's SAR and take the bold decision to change it if it turns out to be above 1.6W/kg.

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