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Ghana's Biggest Youtuber, Wode Maya Finally Buys One Million Dollar House For All Content Creators.

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Wode Maya is a young Ghanaian Youtuber, an estate developer, an entrepreneur and an aerospace engineer. He was born in a village at Takoradi in the Western Region of Ghana. He grew up with both parents and his siblings. His father died when he was at a very young age. In 2012, Wode Maya was sponsored to study aerospace engineering in China. Few year later, Wode Maya got the idea to create content for others to watch. This made him start his content creation in China. He started the content creation in 2014. His first video didn't got the attention of the public but as he upgraded his content, he started getting more views and subscribers. He has been able to travel across many countries in Africa. Some of these countries include; Nigeria, Mozambique, Rwanda, Gambia, Togo, Kenya etc.

Just about few days ago, Wode Maya launched a new content creation house which he has dedicated to all content creators in Ghana and other African countries. This new house was acquired from Star Properties. The new house cost an amount of one million dollars ( GHS 7,100,000). The one million Dollar House has five bedrooms, one kitchen and six bathrooms. According to Wode Maya, there is an already installed studio where the content creators can edit their videos. The kitchen is also for food content creators. There is also a swimming pool where swimming instructors can create their content.

During the same event, Wode Maya opened his one million subscribers plague from YouTube. He crowned Kwadwo Sheldon as the best content creator in Ghana. The whole house was full with a lot of content creators in Africa. Some of these content creators were, Kwadwo Sheldon, Ama Governor, Marintia, Nii Yemoh, Stella Shanelly, Made in Ghana, Miss Trudy, Nonye Richy, Vanessa Kanbi, and the others. All these content creators stormed the grand opening of Wode Maya's one million dollar house which has dedicated to all content creators in Ghana.

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