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Network mast becomes a death trap

Network masts are a good source of access to mobile network. In a community that there is no access to mobile network, residents and foreigners normally feel uncomfortable to live there. Every mobile network company wish to get coverage across the country so they can get more customers. Sometimes, some telecommunication companies have their masts in some towns but access to network becomes a problem.

However, residents of Logonkor in the Agotime Ziope district of the Volta Region of Ghana are living in fear as Kasapa network mast which was constructed some eleven years ago has been left to rot.

According to the residents, since the construction of the mast, no major renovation has ever been done on it. The bolts and nuts are rusted and the yard is left bushy.

They said, since the Kasapa company has been changed to Expresso, neither major nor minor renovations have been done. When it is raining, or there is a storm, they fear to walk freely in the village since they fear the mast will collapse on them.

The security officer of the yard, Mr. Moses Hellegah said, the company is no more looking after them again. They are not paying them for years now. And how to reach them again becomes a problem since their excuse is always that, the company is now been sold to Expresso company.

Also, the yard is left bushy and snakes and other animals or reptiles can hide in it to disturb residents in the village. They are appealing to well meaning Ghanaians and other philanthropies to come to their aid.

One cannot go about his or her duties in the village especially, around the mast due to its nature.

It seems the network company is no more in existence but if they can come and dismantle the mast, I will be very happy since it is not safe to be in the village anymore, said by one resident who pleaded anonymity.

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