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Do you want your phone to read everything on your screen, then enable this option.

Have you ever thought of making your phone read the messages on your phone for you ? Or a document you have opened to read , do not worry today you will learn how to let your phone do all these things and more.

Follow the steps below :

1. Go to the apps menu and tap on settings

2. Look for your phone accessibility and tap on it

3. Tap on select to speak / talk back

4. Tap on this button to turn it on

5.1 Tap on OK

5.2 Tap on the settings

6. Now , here you can set how you want the phone to read

7. Tap on this button to access the control menu

8. Tap on the play button for it to start reading everything on your phone screen

If you feel like turning this feature off follow steps 1, 2,3,...

9.1 Tap on this button again

9.2 Tap on OK

Now everything is all done...

Thank you for your time.

Content created and supplied by: JkbTek (via Opera News )



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