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How to Enable Google Assistant's Ambient Mode

Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode turns your smartphone's lock screen into an information hub during charge to provide you with useful information such as your notifications, weather updates, reminders, etc.

This saves you precious time and the annoyance of fumbling with your device in an attempt to unlock it each time and ooh, it also transforms your phone into a digital photo frame using photos from your Gallery, if you desire.

How to Enable Ambient Mode on Android

1. Open the Google app

2. Tap More > Settings > Google Assistant

3. Scroll down, select and toggle on Ambient Mode (on Andriod 9, select Assistant > scroll down to Assistant Device > tap on Phone > Ambient Mode)


1. To disable the ambient mode, follow the steps above and toggle off the settings

2. Since your screen is basically still on during charge, the charging lights of your device would be off unless you tap on the power button after the ambient mode takes over to dim the screen.

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