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Photos:Massive Catch At Beach As These Huge Fishes Caught Got People Talking

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From the ocean we get foods, medicines, and mineral and energy resources. In addition, it provides jobs, supports our nation's economy, serves as a highway for transportation of goods and people, and plays a role in national security. Humans affect the ocean in a variety of ways. Laws, regulations and resource management affect what is taken out and put into the ocean.

Due to advances in technology, commercial fishermen have significantly improved their ability to catch fish, navigate ocean waters and travel greater distances, and some can now process and freeze their catch onboard.

Research has shown that new technologies are enabling exploitation of fish at unsustainable levels. What does this really mean? With more effective catch technology, there are too many boats fishing too few fish. Fish are being taken at a rate that is faster than the reproductive capabilities of the fish populations thus the populations are unsustainable. 

Increasing demand and decreasing supply leads to serious problems: environmental degradation, unsustainable catches, and economic hardship for a growing number of individuals and large sectors of the fishing industry.

Well, these fishermen in Gambia at the Palma Rima Beach have today made some huge catch to the amazement of many as the fish population keeps dwindling it was almost impossible to catch such huge fishes. They displayed their catch to show how good the day has been. Thanks for reading.

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