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Another day, another amazing feature on DONKOMI MALL

If you are yet to hear about the things Donkomi Mall is doing for the citizens of Ghana, then my friend(s) you are lacking. I heard about Donkomi Mall about 2 months ago. At first, I was a bit reluctant about taking part in their games and bidding services, then I decided to let go of my fear and try. I lost about GHc 10 within my 1st couple of bids (meaning someone won that item I was also bidding on). Then went on winning iPhone 12 with just GHc 1 and a lot of cash prizes. And I can now boast of winning a lot on the platform and had some readers also testifying to winning on Donkomi Mall.

Donkomi Mall has now added new features that have made bidding and winning on their platform very easy. Other users are winning many exciting items and cash prizes because of the increased chances these new features provide. Their chances of winning on the platform have become 50% greater due to the new features Donkomi Mall has recently added to their already stocked platform.

These two new features are the 1V1 and Team Battle.


These new features, just like a "Tug-of-war", between 2 players or between 2 teams. This will stop all interferences from other players and increase your winning chance by 50% for each team or player.

Let me explain these features to you.

1 v 1 Battle (One on One Battle)

I enjoy this feature because only 2 players go head-to-head and bid on a particular item or cash prize. After both players have submitted the expected bids for the item, a draw will be done by the Donkomi Mall System then the lucky winner takes the winning prize. 


I like this new format because only two people are bidding with no interference from other users. And each player has a 50% equal chance of winning.

I have already won twice, and I look forward to winning more.

Team Battle Feature

For this feature, a user joins a team, either the Red Team or Blue Team. They place a bid in the team they chose until the expected bid(s) are met. After, the system will name the winning group for that particular item after all bid(s) by both teams have been placed. 


The prize is shared among bidders from the winning team according to the number of bids made. For example, a bidder with 3 bids will get more money than a bidder with 2 bids when sharing the winning prize.

This Team Battle format is also a unique way of winning more because you get to team up with other online users and bid on many items.

How To play 

Kindly follow these steps to make bids on the platform 

Click  Or download the Donkomi Mall App from Google Play Store

Create your account or log in with your mobile phone number.

Deposit some money into your Donkomi mall account

Choose either of the two features; 1V1 battle Or Team Battle.

Click the Link to also Subscribe and watch my YOUTUBE CHANNEL (ANGEL INVESTOR) for more ways to win money online on Donkomi Mall.

Content created and supplied by: D_Ham123 (via Opera News )

1V1 Donkomi Mall Team Battle


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