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A dangerous reason why you should not use mobile phone while charging it

The use of mobile phones has become an inevitable part of our everyday lives and being in general. With the development of mobile phones into the smart phone, all aspects of our lives seems to have been webbed into the smart phone. Our work, our education, our marketing system, and all others are internet based where everything can be controlled at the click of a button.

Just like any other gadgets, mobile phones or smart phones have their mode of usage and regulations on how they can function effectively for the user. By this, it is much welcome to say that they also have their "don'ts", which, when not adhered to, may result in damages to the device or to the user to the point of fatalities.

One of the major pieces of advice being given every time is for people not to use their phones while charging it. Today we present to you images of a video experiment conducted and shared on facebook by "One Ghana TV" on how dangerous it is to use a mobile phone while charging it. In the video, a power detecting device was used to test the presence of electric power in the phone, and the human body when the phone was connected to the charger in the source of power, and when the phone was touched by a person as it was still being charged, respectively.

It could be seen that the power detecting device showed a red light when it brought close to the charger in the power outlet. But at the same time, without the phone connected to the charger, the phone did show any sign of power conduction. As soon as the phone was connected to the charger, the conduction device showed power being conducted through the phone.

The same was shown as one of the officers handled the phone while it was being charged: his body began to show activeness of electric power throughout his body.

In the images below, there are indications of power conduction in the human body as he tries to use the phone

This basically means that any device that can react to electricity to cause harm may do so to a person who is using mobile phone while charging it. Some incidents recorded from this practice are:

January 2014: 10-year old in India injured while phone charged

November 2013: Thai man dies from alleged electrocution while charging iPhone

July 2013: Woman in China dies while using iPhone 5

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