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Four Areas Known For Internet Fraud In Ghana Currently

Internet fraud in Ghana has become a norm. Even a 10- year- old child understand the term 'fraud'

Internet Fraud or Scamming is very common in Ghana presently.

Currently, most youth in Ghana have involved themselves in fraud related activities due to unemployment and high cost of living in the country.

The youths are making millions of cedis from this illegal activities and using the money they' ve acquired to build mansions, buy super cars, and living lavishly.

Sometimes, those who involves themselves in this illegal fraud seek help from deities or resort to the use of charms (vodoo) to help them scam unsuspecting victims of millions of cedis/dollars.

The truth is, fraud related activities has skyrocketed and has spread to all areas in Ghana.

Internet Fraudsters are mostly seen in groups and at specific places.

Accra is known to habor most of these fraudsters.

Let us take a deep look at 4 most recognized areas currently noted for internet fraud.


When you find yourself in this area, you will see young teenagers driving luxurious cars. A boy of 17 years could be seen driving a Camry spider and you might pause to wonder where the individual got the money from to buy such a car. In this area too, car is seen as luxury, so it has generated a strong competition over there as to who owns the best car.


Here, most of these fraudsters use credit cards which belongs to their victims to buy items like laptops, iPhones etc and ship them to Ghana.


The internet fraudsters in this are don' t fear anything and would take risk to get the money. These fraudsters also have a bigger boss whom they work for. Normally they give their clients to their boss in order to get some cash from them.


Accra- Newton cannot be left out when mentioning places internet fraudsters dominate. Fraudsters here like, TEMA, live a flashy and stunning life. They blow too much of their money just to make them happy.

Most guys here chat with their victims at the cafe, with just a few meeting their clients online in their respective homes.

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