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How To Remove All Viruses From Your Computer Using Cmd.

How To Remove All Viruses From Your Computer Using Cmd. Without Any Funken Anti Virus

If you are an IT student or computer science or engineering student, and you have Anti Virus Softwares on your Laptop or machine, 😂😂then ……… 🤦🤦. As you know, it’s not everything they say 

You can remove all viruses from your computer using CMD even if you are not an IT or computer student without using any Fucken Antivirus software.

Forget what I said earlier, I just said because as an IT or computer science or engineering student, you will be using some applications or softwares considered not to be recognized or illegal and these Anti Virus Softwares like Avast,Smadav and so on, will not allow you to install those applications or softwares. Especially, when you are dreaming of becoming a hacker, either White Hat Hacker or Black Hat Hacker or Gay Hat Hacker.

If becoming a hacker is your dream,then you definitely don’t need Anti Virus because you yourself will be creating virus to attach people and get their personal information.

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So never mind Niga 👍✌️✌️So Niga, trust PHC, I will definitely show you the way forward, how to remove all viruses from your computer.

You can do this with just a single sentence or command prompt. So please open your command prompt (CMD) and let’s start business.

Type: ” sfc /scannow ” press Enter

Scanning in process 

That is all folks!!! But the process takes time so please be patient until the scanning is done.But remember, before you can do this or scan your computer using cmd, you have to run command prompt as an administrator,if you think can’t do that setting or set up, then let me know in the comment Below 👇👇👇

PHC will surely attend to you in no time.

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