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Have you seen the world's first transparent phone? Take a look at it here and see how it was made.

There is now a a completely transparent smartphone in the market. It means you can see through this phone. Let me tell you more.

People have always dreamed of the time we will see transparent smartphones in the market. Others simply concluded that it would never be possible. Well we can never jump to conclusion on any issue again with the recent advancements in technology.

They have been able to make a completely transparent mobile phone. Which means as you hold it, you see you hands behind it. What you are seeing in the pictures is not any manipulative work done, it's reality. Let me tell you a little background story of the phone.

The phone was made by a Taiwan company called Polytron. The phone was made to be fully transparent and only the circuit board, memory card and camera unit is visible as you can see for yourself above. It is a touchscreen phone that has a fully functional SIM tray, SD card slot, microphone and camera.

For those of us interested in the science, The technology being used in the phone is called Polyvision Privacy Glass. It allows a device to turn transparent when an electric current is passed through it. They’ve also used microscopic wires that have been fed directly into the glass that make it barely visible to the naked eye.

This is a way too 'expensive' piece of tech. Maybe a time might come when they will be common and we'll all have the chance to feel them in our hands. But before then, let's appreciate the pictures we have seen.

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