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Apple And Microsoft Shows How To Properly Clean Your Computer.

Almost Everyone currently owns a Personal Computer considering how useful they are to our lives. However they are not immune to dust, dirt and other stuff that makes them unclean. They need occasional cleaning just like humans. With that in mind, we'll go over some important grooming do's and don'ts for those who aren't sure how to clean their gear properly. For instance, you can't just wipe your keyboard with hand sanitizer and call it a day. No, there are defined standards and procedures that you must adhere to, and we're here to educate you on them.

Lets begin with the DON'TS:

When disinfecting your keyboard or laptop, the first thing you can avoid is leaving it on and/or plugged into a power source. Until cleaning, switch off the power and turn your keyboard or laptop into a paperweight.

When it comes to washing, both Apple and Microsoft make it clear that liquids must be handled with extreme caution. Some disinfectant wipes such as 'Clorax' are still appropriate , but avoid any liquid that can get caught in small openings in general. You don't want your keyboard to break. Even if you're not concerned about liquid getting into tiny crevices, laptop manufacturers advise against using chemical agents or bleach because they're too rough on the products. If you're not careful, those cleaning solutions can damage a laptop's finish. While it may not be the most pressing problem at hand, Apple expressly forbids it.

The Dos:

To begin, turn everything off, unplug everything, use caution when handling liquids, and avoid bleach. This removes any possible dangers. It is the most important step.

Holding the keyboard upside down and shaking out any debris or loose gunk is the first move, according to companies like Microsoft. Ideally, you can do this over a garbage can or some receptacle that can collect the residue from your keyboard. You may use compressed air to get any leftover debris out of there for a thorough cleaning. It's time to start dealing with germs once you've gotten the clear crumbs out of the way. Apply disinfectants to soft clothes and wipe gently your keyboard.

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