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Why your mobile data depletes rapidly when connected to your PC via Wi-Fi.

Ever wondered why your data runs down rapidly when you connect your mobile hotspot a computer? I guess you always blame the internets service providers. Today we will focus on what actually causes that when you give internet access to your Windows 10 laptop or personal computer.

Windows 10 is designed for PCs with unlimited Internet connections, and it normally uses as much of your download and upload bandwidth as it wants without asking. Anytime you give internet access to your computer via hotspot or USB tethering, the connection is automatically tagged unmetered thus an unlimited source of data.

Setting a connection as metered puts you back in control, and it’s essential on some types of connections.

A metered connection is an Internet connection that has a data limit associated with it. Internet access via modem (Cellular data connections) are set as metered by default. Wi-Fi and Ethernet network connections can be set to metered but aren't by default. Some apps might work differently on a metered connection to help reduce your data usage. Also, some updates for Windows won't be installed automatically.

Follow the steps below to set your connection as metered;

Select Start > Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known networks.

Select the Wi-Fi network > Properties > turn on Set as metered connection.

Remember to repeat this procedure anytime you change your Wi-Fi name or password. Anytime one of these is changed, the PC recognizes it as a new connection and therefore establishes it as an unmetered connection.  

What Setting a Connection as Metered Does?

Setting a connection as metered prevents Windows from automatically using bandwidth in many ways. Here’s exactly what it does:

-Disables automatic downloading of most Windows updates: Windows won’t automatically download most updates from Windows Update on metered Internet connections. You’ll get a “Download” button you can click whenever you want to install updates.

-Disables automatic downloading of app updates: The Windows Store won’t automatically download updates for your installed “Store apps” on metered connections, either. Desktop apps like Chrome, Firefox, and others will continue updating themselves normally.


Content created and supplied by: EskayGodson (via Opera News )

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