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The Reason You Should Not Keep A Mobile Phone In Your Pocket - Doctor Shares

Always, we keep our mobile phones or hand set in our pockets just to keep it safe from thieves and other damages, but a doctors has advised us that, doing so could be very dangerous to our health.

He shared "In a training sessions one day, just to prove to my audience my point, I collected a Nokia torch phone that has a fully charged battery from one of them. I then brought an fresh egg and placed them together into a polythene bag and tied the polythene bag and told them to call the number of the mobile phone. They kept calling, over and over and the phone also kept ringing and in some instance, it said number busy. 

I made sure they called until the battery was drained down, I then gave the phone back to the owner and cracked open the egg. Surprisingly, the egg was well cooked, without even touching fire. They were all surprised and asked for explanation because it wasn't possible, some claimed it was a magic trick and others classified it to be Vodoo. 

So elaborated "Every mobile device emits electromagnetic rays.

So it was the rays that caused the cooking of that egg, and moreover, all mobile devices are called handset, that was name given to it by international organizations which clearly states that it no accident. 

As the name implies, it called a hand set, not pocket set, meaning it has to be kept in the hand or probably elsewhere and not the pocket. Males (men) have resemblance of testicles (egg) in between their legs. Which a normal egg acts almost the same as the human egg of males.

Therefore, it is advisable for men to avoid keeping thier mobile devices in thier pockets, else the radiation from the phone is going to have negative effect on the spermatozoa and cook up the scrotum.

When men keep thier phones in their pockets and the effects begin to reflect, that when after two to three years there is no child due to low sperm count and start blaming their wives. They then run to men of God for fasting and prayers and drink all sorts of medicine, but still put back thier phones into their pockets. 

Before a Telecommunication comes to mount a mast on your property, you will be paid somewhere between 10 to 20 million dollars and this comes after you sign a document the network provider presents to you, almost 90% of these people don't take the stress to read all that is in the document provided. 

With the huge sum of money involved, they sign and collect the money without thinking twice. But the real truth is, in some part of the document, that around somewhere within the middle, where you wouldn't read up to,since you are much eager to collect the money. It states that "This money is being given to you to acquire land at a different place and relocate, because what that is being mounted here is very dangerous to your health, and may cause cancer If you continue to leave in the area for a period of ten to fifteen years.

Women who also put handset inside thier braisier causes breast cancer, so it very much adviced for women who do that to abstain from doing that.

Men also develop prostrate cancer.

Well it assumed that, this mistakes are done due to ignorance and lack of proper education, so as these knowledge is passed to you, pass it on to a friend, or relative to help prevent any health issues on them"

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