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Stop wasting your time typing on WhatsApp. Do this simple trick and watch your keyboard do the magic

Social media is the modern way of communication today. Gone are the days when it took more than a day sometimes weeks to send a message or receive reply from family and friends. Then came the Penpals, Yahoomails, Hi-5, Facebook, WhatsApp among others. Communication has now become a very integral aspect of the modern man's life. One of the most effective and fastest way of chatting today is the WhatsApp medium. Within seconds you are able to send and receive your message with ease.

But in today's age where everyone is looking for easy, faster ways of communicating, the WhatsApp company also does it's best in improving their app from time to time. One of such very useful feature in WhatsApp you might not be aware of is the use of your voice in typing a message rather than using your fingers. Imagine you were in the Kitchen preparing food and still wanted to send a message to hubby, that would be quite difficult with your hands already full; 

 1. Bring out the keyboard you use in typing your messages on WhatsApp

2. At the top right hand corner or bottom of your keyboard is a black or white icon of a mic. (Depending on the colour theme of your phone, the icon might have a different colour).

3. Click on it and start speaking, you will see your message being typed out. Remember to speak out as clearly as possible without any surrounding distractions.

Note: If you want to delete a word, use the "delete" icon beneath the "tap to pause". Don't use the normal "delete" icon meant for typing.

There's no need typing every word anymore, all you need is your voice and your message will be typed out automatically for you.

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