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Charge Your Phone with another Phone

Using a Phone as a Power Bank

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Sometimes we usually find ourselves in situations where we have power outage and hence low battery power. Or we are not able to have access to a power source when our phone is low on power.

I just want to share a trick i have been using for some years now.

I came about with this method as a result of frequent power outage a.k.a 'dumsor' some years ago and i needed to use my mobile phone urgently.

Things you will need are;

- two phones


- USB cord/cable

make sure one of the phones is a spare, preferably one which isn't in use.

use a phone which you don't frequently use as it may affect the battery life of that phone.

i will recommend a phone which is out of use (i.e. one with a cracked / not functioning screen) but can still be powered on.

Now to the method;

- Switch the phone you want to siphon/take the power from or use as your power source on

- Connect the USB OTG to that phone

- Connect the USB cord to the OTG port

- Now you connect the other end of the USB cord to the phone you want to charge.

Please note that I have only tried this on android phones, and there may be a possibility of this working on other kind of devices.(no guarantee since i haven't tried it).

And this method will work best when the "power bank phone" has a big enough battery capacity and is fully charged.

You might also be able to access files on a phone using the above method as well.

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