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Procedures You Can Undertake So That You Don't Get Affected On Re-registration Of SIM Cards In June

There has being many controversy of the Re-registration of SIM Cards In Ghana. Recently, our vice-president Bawumia meets with ghanaians to deliver a message to us on the transmission of reshuffling the system of the networks in Ghana so there is a need to re-register your SIM and also understand 'the rules of the game'.

In this era, there has being many platforms that keeps contacts of a phone number and since many of ghanaians could not have access to the online internet world but they rather enjoyed the offline internet world thereby it has being a headache to where the government is trying and finding a way to prevent cybercrimes in Ghana.

With the IP Address and GPS that help the person's location, the government wants to undertake on the way so that through the registration of the SIM we can identify people who are engaging in cybercrimes, since there are many fraudsters raiding our system but I think this is just a genesis of solving the situation.

Moreover, when there's an issue, there we find the way to solve any issues that come across, but these are the method to engage in so that your phone contact doesn't get lost so that you don't get affected by 'the rule of the game'.

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Methods To Undertake

Google Contacts, which is a standalone service which only tracks people you've contacted via Gmail, when using an Android phone, or when you've synced it to your iOS phone device.

When you allowed google accessed to your phone, all you are to do is to make sure you saved all the contacts you stored on the SIM cards to it so that you don't get in wanting and you don't get affected by the rule of the game the president talked of.

Watch the video below also, you will know the procedure to save your contacts from SIM to google.

To conclude, we understand that you must have access to internet thereby you follow the procedure then you stored you copy your contacts from your sim to google in the video.

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