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Meet the student who invented a Phone that can make calls without SIM card or airtime

Quite recently young people of today are taking science and maths to the highest level through practical studies and innovation thereby advancing technology in the African continent trying to catch up with the western world who are far advanced in terms of technology.

A young innovative Namibian man from oshikunde region in the upper Namibia invented a mobile phone that does not require the use of a SIM card nor airtime. The young university graduate studies computer science in the university and is said to be very fond of technology and inventory.

Simon Petrus used junk material of other old equipments such as cell and landline phones, television motherboards, stereo tape magnets and other equipments to manufacture this Amam zing mobile phone.

The amazing part of this mobile phone is that it is a smart phone phone and hence can surf the net and make phone calls without any assistance from any carrier network provider.

Simon comes from a deprived family but has not let his family’s situation to deter him from Focusing on his talents and goals nor did he let it prevent him from focusing on his studies and practical skills.

Not only is it a mobile phone but also has the ability to increase or provide network services in deprived communities where network coverage is often not at its best.

Among other donations he was awarded, Simon was also handed a scholarship to further his education due to financial difficulties and may be of use to his country and the African country one day as a whole.

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