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Cybersecurity: the antidote to Internet of Things(IoT) threats.

As fast as the world keeps pacing up in the advancement of technological interventions with companies and even individuals striving to migrate and connect everything to the internet for easy accessibility and convenience in the time of a ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) is very alarming. 

The coronavirus pandemic is one of the factors pushing this agenda.

Devices now can interact, sense and collaborate just like humans using data. Such devices can be smartphones, smart houses, printers, doorbells, fridges and any other gadget or appliances.

 This integration is one of it's kind. To have available and accurate information from connected devices over an app on a phone but without adequate security, these connected devices become the gateway of any confidential data being stolen or destroyed.

With the inception of Internet of Things(IoT), cybersecurity is one sought commodity due to its relevance but Internet of Things (IoT) poses a remarkable challenge at the same time. IoT has more benefiting factors but if cybersecurity is not implemented on time to protect data, it becomes prone to being attacked which may cause a devastating outcome to the user.

While most parts of the world were in lockdown in 2020, some hackers took over the Twitter accounts of Bill Gates, Barrack Obama, Apple, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and other influential personalities in a Bitcoin scam.

Now let's imagine those involved had their other devices connected to the internet and the hackers had their ulterior motive not just on funnelling Bitcoin into their wallets but to also get access to their data, home and other confidential yet important data. What would have happened? 

The same act broke up in Nigeria when giant governmental organisations and even banks got hacked with hackers also distribution-free subscriptions with DStv users. 

It is for some of these reasons why cybersecurity should not be disregarded in this advancing field to get governmental, corporate and even personal information tempered with.

Content created and supplied by: ThelmaDukes (via Opera News )

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