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What a PC can do, a tablet can do better.


   Ever wondered the seemingly never ending things you could do with your tablet? Tablets are designed to function as personal computers at least, however, the lack of insights into their functions have reduced their usefulness for many to mere fanciful and bulky gadgets that most people carry around painfully. Learning a few tricks and how to make them really purposeful might be easier than you thought.

    One very important feature is multitasking. Multitasking allows the user to handle or execute more than one task or programme at the same time. All these can be done on the home screen for easier navigation.

    To begin with,go to settings on your tablet.

    From settings, select advanced features.

    Then select multi window. 

    Click on pop up view action button activate this feature.

Then after, open an app you want, switch to pop up by swiping down diagonally from either corner at the top of the screen.

 Again, you can split the screen into two. 

 Go to settings; select advanced features; select multi window.

 Click on split view action button to activate this feature.

Afterwards, press and hold the recent keys to change the current app from full screen to split screen view.

   You can merge apps by clicking on the home icon the middle of the split screen.

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