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14 Ways to Keep Your Phone Running Like New

How Long Should Smartphones Last?

Surprisingly, there are no definitive answers. However, the mobile phone part begins to wear out over the cause of time. They are generally designed to last for a course of two to three years but with carefulness, you might be able to make your phone last over five years.

However, over a time period, the smartphone starts feeling sluggish but there are always cool tricks to keep your phone running like new. Below are 14 ways:

1. Apply the latest and coolest wallpapers, themes, and ringtones

2. Uninstall unused apps and old media files to free up space; making it easier on your battery and eliminating any form of lag

3. Get the best accessories

(Use the best accessories instead of substandard accessories that have the tendency of damaging your phone)

4. Apply the latest software upgrades or updates

5. Upgrade the hardware

(Replace the battery or any faulty part before it wears your device down for good)

6. Protect your phone.

(This can be done in so many ways. For example, using screen protectors and phone covers. Don't put your phone in your breast or back pocket)

7. Clean your home screen of widgets and unused apps

(Surprisingly, these widgets and unused apps take up space on your RAM and impact how fast your phone runs)

8. Reset your phone

(After several years of usage, factory resetting your phone could refresh and help get rid of bugs that eluded you over the years)

9. Clean your phone

(As simple as it sounds, this goes a long way to prevent your phone from overheating, screen damage, and a whole lot more. Take your phone out of its case a carefully clean it)

10. Root your device

(Shockingly, installing a new custom ROM, could give you a different feel of your phone. PS: you should have a fair knowledge about what you're doing before you attempt this)

11. Avoid overworking, overheating, or overcharging your phone

(Simply give your phone a rest once in a while)

12. Customize your device

(In simple words, explore other ways of doing things on your device  like changing the navigation keys, trying third party launchers, apps, and other cool features if you can)

13. Make sure your apps are up to date

(These can be tricky. Consider updating only the apps you use on a daily basis and disable or uninstall the apps you don't need)

14. Restart your device regularly

(As simple as it sounds it gives your phone the boost it needs and gets rid of simple bugs)

Content created and supplied by: Ahiadzro (via Opera News )


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