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How Do I Know I am Making The Right Choices For My Life ?

We are faced with choices every day in our quest to advance our lives and move forward. But how do you know whether you are making the right choices for your life or not?

Except you go somewhere to covenant yourself with some deity or fetish priest to guide your life, everyone has got an inbuilt GPS from the creator of the universe and Man. Believers call it the holy spirit and the world called it conscience. For example, you make a choice or do something, and then later on you just have this weird and restless feeling tormenting you about what you did, some people will say my conscience is hunting me. That thing that is hunting you is your GPS to guide you in your life

The best way to make sure of this GPS and use it is to connect with your source, the creator of the heavens and the universe so that you can develop this leading to a point where your life becomes almost faultless

God has guided prophets and people in the past using this GPS. Great prophets like Samuel were led to select David as a king using this GPS. Abraham was also instructed and led by God using this same procedure. The thing with this is that God does not lead without you the individual taking any step. For example, when God asked Abraham to make a move, God did not specifically mention the name of a place to him, He just asked him to move and Abraham took a step before God led him to where he wanted him to go

So you, first of all, connect with your source, develop your relationship with your source and learn to listen to the leading of the GPS, even without connecting to your source, there is always this inner peace that you feel within you most of the times when you make the right choices.The problem with most of us is that we just fail to listen sometimes to the leading of this GPS

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David Samuel


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