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Apple iphone Vs Android Phones See Who Wins

To Start the comparison, you must know this IOS is a mobile operating system created by Apple Inc . exclusively for it luxurious Phones the Iphone's And Android is an open source operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices which is commercially sponsored by Google.

The difference between IPhones and Android are , Firstly the iPhone's touchID fingerprint sensor makes bypassing the annoying lock screen and Android phones have a smart lock tools that uses face recognition to bypass the lock screen and is less secure iPhone wins.

Android and the iPhone's both show you the time when you press the lock button but Android phone phone do time keeping better. they automatically show you the time when you pull the phone out of your pocket Android wins.

Android favorite contacts are laid out much better according to the people you call frequently calls but iPhone Facetime is the best feature and iPhone wins.

Also there are awful Android cameras , the iPhone's camera is consistently great . Yet managing photos is a much better experience on Android and free storage Android wins.

Furthermore they both have fantastic app stores but Android is far Superior at organizing apps. you can put important stuff on the home screen and Android wins.

When it also comes to music Apple has Apple music which has no free option but integrates impressively well with your iTunes downloads and iPhone wins.

Also Android lets you set which notification are priority automatically sending them to the top of the list and you can clear them with a single swipe and Android wins.

Lastly both iPhone and Android phone's are fantastic phones to use but iPhone is a Luxurious phone and very expensive compared with it counterpart Android phone which is cheap.

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