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They say making phone calls in kitchen can cause fire but does it really happens?

Mobile Phones is not suggesting to use in the kitchen especially near the gas stove. That's because our phones has it's own temperature and the heat from stove might cause overheat. The radiation waves from mobile phone is dangerous that can trigger and caused gas stove to explode.

It's a health risk. For one thing, if you touch your phone while you're preparing food, you could be picking up bacteria from your phone and transferring it to the food. A bigger risk is the other way around. You handle raw meat and touch your phone. Now the bacteria from the raw food is on your phone.

You then get a phone call later. You pick up your contaminated phone and put it right next to your face. That bacteria is right near your eyes and mouth. As for fire dangers, under normal circumstances a cell phone won't ignite a gas line in the kitchen. If you're using your range the gas may be flowing but the giant flame on the range will be consuming the gas. When the range is off, gas won't be flowing.

If you have a leak it would be a problem but the light switches in the kitchen create bigger sparks than a cell phone. There is however one real risk. If you're connected on 2.4 GHz and somebody uses the microwave, you might lose your Internet connection due to the interference.

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