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Three Basic Cyber Security Principles That Every Ghanaian Must Know

Technology has been the pivot around which the current global advancements revolve and as such countries with less technological advancement suffer.

The introduction of smartphones which further led to the increase in access to information worldwide from the global connection of computers have ushered the world into a new era.

With increasing access to information globally as well as the digitized modus operandi adopted in across countries, cyber fraud has also escalated as such cyber security should be a major concern to all.

In this digital era where most of our information are sent across several digitized media, there is the need for special attention to be paid on how to safeguard our personal information.

The concept of cyber security, which provides a realistic solution to safeguarding one's information across digitised media is based on some principles.

The basic principles of cyber security are acronymed CIA.

The C stands for confidentiality. Confidentiality basically talks about how our information can be safeguarded without people having unauthorized access to them. The principle of confidentiality as linked to cyber security means that various authentication approaches should be put in place to avert an incidence of someone peeping through our important information without permission.

Integrity is the next principle on which cyber security revolves. Intergrity as used in cyber security is lost when someone one get unauthorized access to our information and further alter them without our consent.

Availability is the last principle of cyber security. Getting access to information from digitised media anytime one wants to defines availability as used in cyber security. It is quite disheartening when trying to get access to an information on the internet proves difficult.

The principles explained above should be of importance to every Ghanaian who is a digital literate.

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