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An Ai That Can Show The Purpose Of A Line Of Code

Intel's AI

In this modern world, the world is growing with new technologies that is super amazing! And this what Intel gave to us; An AI (Artificial Intelligence) that can read the purpose of a line of code.


Intel, together with researchers from MIT and the Georgia Institute of Technology, created an AI engine that can determine the purpose of a line of code. This is an important step in the development of an AI tool capable of developing applications on its own.

Last year, Intel assembled a research team to investigate the possibilities for machine programming, a concept whereby the AI itself writes code for application development. A fundamental challenge is that when an AI writes code based on a user’s description, it must first understand precisely what the user is asking for. In other words, what is the code’s purpose? And this AI can do this just by using this method below 👇

Machine Inferred Code Similarity (MISIM) analyzes lines of code to determine the purpose. Suppose two developers write two different codes. MISIM can analyze and conclude the written codes in the end mean the same thing, regardless of the structures and algorithms used. According to the researchers, MISIM is up to 40.6 more time than previous code comparison systems. The research team tested the AI engine on 45.780 different applications.

This AI can also read and check syntax in most popular programming languages in the world like C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, Swift, and most web designing languages.

This AI is an essential tool for developers and programmers even though is a developer itself but can not develop complex applications that normal developers can do.

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