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Very serious see what the young boy was caught by camera doing that got people react.

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Life now a days seems simple as compared to the olden days where they were forced by to talk for about six or seven kilometers before the can attain their mission. Though it wasn't easy but it was also a form of exercising their body.

Today all these walking up here and there has been reduced due to the introduction of motor technology such as car and many other more. This motor technology can never be undermine due to it crucial importance to humanity.

Transportation in the olden was very difficult due to the fact that someone will have to walk for long distance before he or she reach his or her destination but with this technology one can use only few hours travel a very long journey with in a day.

Car now is seems to have become the most pressing need of many youth today, especially boys. It is becoming like owing this "car" grant to you all that is needed in life.

Though the idea of owing a car in future is not wrong due to its importance or benefits especially when it comes to transportation. But the passion among today's generation to own a car is unimaginable. Have you ask yourself why? This is due to the introduction of New brands day in day out into the system.

Today, technology and application has come to help a lot in every human being's life especially when it come to security matters.

One of the security technology whicch can never be underrate when it come to it operation is the CCTV camera. This CCTV camera has come to help the society at large but sometimes capture things beyond the expectation of humanity.

On of the trending story on social media platforms especially Facebook has to do with a young who was caught by CCTV camera driving his own self made car. It can be seen in the picture that was posted on Facebook that the boy in question use something unique to change to speed and sound of his self made car.

The picture which pops up on Facebook has caused a lot of traffic on the internet.

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