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20 Cool Features to Look Out for on Camon 17

Camon 17 is your budget-friendly camera-centric phone designed to eliminate gimmicks but bring a combination of efficiency and performance. It is your next-level device with impressive features and supersensory post cameras, that are embedded with AI technology to keep you entertained all day long.

Below are some of the exceptional features to look out for:

1. Vault 2.0:

Vault 2.0, helps you hide your social media apps, encrypt, and hide your personal photos without any leaks.

2. Wireless FM Radio:

Conventionally, we listen to FM radio with a wired headset on our smartphones, but with the introduction of Camon 17, the ability to listen to the radio without a headset is possible.

3. Film Album:

Creating movies from photos is made fun and entertaining, to keep the memories lasting longer.

4. Notification History:

This shows recent and snoozed notifications even if you accidentally swipe them away.

5. Document Correction:

Document correction uses perspective correction and page edge detection technology to auto course-correct your documents and adjusts them for easier and correct viewing.

6. Ultra Power Saving Mode:

This feature extends your power usage by a subsequent number of days by allowing only calls, SMS, and calendar-related activities.

7. Phone Cloner:

Transferring files between phones with zero mobile data flow is made possible with phone cloner.

8. One-time Data Limit:

This service automatically switches off when the data limit is exceeded when sharing your data via hotspot.

9. Peek Proof:

Peek Proof is designed to obscure your phone's display so others have a hard time snooping over your shoulder when you chat or use your phone in public.

10. Theft Alert:

This prevents your smartphone from being stolen. An alarm goes off immediately the charger or earpiece is unplugged without your notice and only stops when a code is entered.

11. Voice Changer:

Voice Changer allows you to add more fun chatting by disguising your voice with different ages and genders. It helps you to customize voice effects the way you want.

12. Kids Mode:

Kids mode restricts contents and time duration your child can play on the phone so as to safeguard his or her health.

13. Improved Camera System:

Revamped camera features such as Time-Lapse in 2K, Super Night Mode, Bokeh effects and so much more, just at your fingertips.

14. AR 3.5:

Augmented Reality 3.5 does a better job at mirroring your facial expressions and matching your body type while you have the freedom to creates emojis your own way.

15. 90Hz Refresh Rate:

This feature reduces motion blur, thereby giving you better image quality, smooth and snappy animations during usage.

16. Screen Cast:

Screencast gives you the ability to project your mobile phone display to an external monitor without any hustle.

17. App Twin:

This service simply lets you clone and run multiple social media accounts simultaneously.

18. Instant Chat Bubbles:

This feature gives you chat heads like Facebook Messenger, for an easy uninterrupted chatting experience.

19. Video Assistance:

For an uninterrupted cinema-level experience when watching or streaming movies, video assistance is all you need.

20. Improved Security and Privacy:

Security features are in place to block false base station attacks and secure your network; among other features such as Secure Card. (This service when enabled lets apps access only blank data keeping your information safe)

Content created and supplied by: Ahiadzro (via Opera News )

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