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The funny reply a TIGO user gave when he received this SMS has gotten people talking.

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Ghana is hot with a lot of controversies going on with everyone finding solutions to their problems. But it seems some people are also in the other side causing confusion and laughter on social media.

Though as human beings, sometimes we need to laugh to release our stress over a long hours of hardwork. We normally laugh at things that surround us which appears to be funny. These hilarious things could be pictures, funny memes, funny videos, cracking of jokes and so on.

But this particular picture trending on social media will make you laugh out loud. We all do receive SMS based on the SIMs we are using, sometimes it could be an incoming prizes, participating in prizes, a press release from office of that particular SIM you are using.

This funny picture trending seems to be a TIGO user who received a massage about a wish he should make to win a prize, but the answer the user gave turn out to be something funny and it has been trending and got people talking about it.

Below is the funny picture about his reply.

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