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Aerial Pictures Of The University Of Ghana's Campus Cause Conflicting Reactions On Social Media

Netizens and social media users in this modernized and contemporary world for a fact will never stop commenting and reacting to posts either pictures or videos from other users on social media.

Two pictures that can be seen as the aerial photos of one of the most prestigious universities in the country have received massive reactions from Facebook users on one of the group pages on Facebook.

On a popular platform of Facebook known as "Tell It All" a number of people or users on the platform or page have commented and are still commenting and debating about two aerial pictures of the University of Ghana.

The user who posted these pictures captioned them as, " UG, before and now. Just like Ghana, we are growing backwards. Sad."

Below is the post and the caption.

This above post on the 'tell it all' Facebook platform is causing a lot of conflicting reactions from the fans of the page and others.

Some of these netizens thinks that development has caused the campus to look that way and others also agreed with the original person who posted the pictures.

Blow are some of the reactions and the conflicting ones from the page

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