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Here are the names of the most powerful Twitter influencers in Ghana

One application that has gained popularity over the years is Twitter. Most issues take their root from this app before they come to the street and to other apps through it's daily trend list.

Today, we bring you some most powerful influencers on the app in Ghana that can cause the big trends and make the news

Twitter has become a platform where the young and old visit to get to know what is trending. Musicians, politicians, and ordinary Ghanaians use this means to gain some form of recognition for their businesses and various activities as well. Through social media, we can get our messages across. How do you get your message across, through Twitter influencers. We have fans of the Shatta movement who make sure their president gets the necessary recognition he deserves. We have the Bhim trend team, Sarknatives who make sure that their King is well recognized. Ordinary Ghanaians also use these same medium to make their plights known to the government. Just recently we saw the #Fixthecountry campaign which gained recognition not only in the Ghanaian media space but on BBC, V.O.A, and Al Jazeera. It forced the government to be on its toes. So yes, Ghanaian influencers make a great impact on the system. I present to you the top 20 media influencers in the Ghanaian space. Be proud of yourself if you find your name in there. If your name is not part, you know everybody cant make the list,

1.First on the list is Kalyjay @gyaigyimii. Yes, if you are on Twitter by now you should have heard of the name Kalyjay. Everybody agrees with me that he should be number one. He is the founder of the popular hashtag #FixTheCountry. I just wonder why he is not verified on Twitter yet but that’s up to him and Jack to sort it out. 

Here is the list of those who made the list. As time goes on, profiles as to the job they do, the school, and why they made the list will be made public. But for now, they are the hottest influencers you can think of. Take a look.

2. Malik Ofori @malikofori : The only verified influencer on Gh twitter with huge following and audience. Malik Ofori has 133.K as at 28-05-2021

He joined Twitter in 2009. Most of us did not know what Twitter was. He’s currently the Male Face OTY and is a YouTuber

3. Sarkodie Neba Sark @NebaSark : This young guy is the CEO of the best trend team on twitter called the A1 Influencers. You can never mention Sarkodie fans without adding Neba Sark. Sarkodie Neba Sark joined Twitter in 2016 and now has 176.9K followers.

4. Mempeasem President @AsieduMends: Another gentle influencer on our list is Asiedu Mends. He joined Twitter in 2017 and now boasts of 175.1K followers. How did he do it? That one is up to you to find out from him now us. Sorry

5. Kay Boateng @scripp­­_T: One of the biggest and underrated influencers on the app is this guy, he has got the branding methods, worked with so many brands and still getting more. He has his merchandise also, The ScripT Merch. He joined in 2018 and has 101.1K followers.

6. Ayigbe Borla Bird @Mr_Ceyram: The Rams socials CEO is one of the biggest influencers on twitter, he promotes brands due to his high audience. Mr Ceyram joined in 2013 and has 142.6K followers

7. SneakerNyame @SneakerNyame_ : As the name implies, he’s the best plug for all kind of sneakers, he knows strategies of making his audience get involved in whatever he’s doing. Sneaker Nyame has 31.1K followers.

8. Don  @Opresii : Hope you can see the smiles on my face as I’m writing about the great Opresii, this guy has made parody accounts popular, he has been putting smiles on people’s faces with his funny tweets, it’s not shocking he won Most Funniest Tweep And Parody Account of the year. Opresii does it with no stress. His followers keep shooting up daily and now he’s at 109K followers. 

9. Sharyf @_sharyf04 : You might wonder why Sharyf is in this list but remember he influenced the whole Ghana twitter into using the renowned name “Yakubu” which became a trend, nobody knows how he does it, maybe some magic charm in Sudan. Sharyf has 31.5K followers 

Content created and supplied by: Japhtaoppong (via Opera News )

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