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How To Improve Your Phone Network Signal And Get More Internet Speed

Whether you try to watch video or check Facebook on your phone is wondering why your cell phone is so slow, there is nothing more frustrating than a slow data connection on your phone. In most cases, a slow connection is temporary because of locations or network congestion.

Try these simple methods first to boost your telephone signal and speed the Internet and make Android head to settings quicker for your mobile data.

Go to APS then. You now have to select Sim toolkit for everyone.

You need to clean your cache, remove your Android phone's cache to speed up storage, cache clearing won't remove app data. Disabled day in low data mode, Android and iOS both feature options designed to limit data use. These are beneficial if you have limited data, but can also make it look as if your connection to the service is poor. Try to disable these modes and check whether all feels faster. Now go to the settings.

Internet network or connections. Select the use of data. Now turn Data Sabretooth off if you worry about how much data you are using, make sure you turn it on after some time. You should be able to determine whether or not this setting would slow down your mobile data. Return now to connections. Go to the mobile network, select network operators, turn off, automatically select. Your phone will now scan the networks available. It's going to take a while.

Select from the list your network. All you have to do now is restart your phone, which will increase your phone signals and connections to the telephone network.

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