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How to buy bundle with no cash

Buying bundles have become very important as far as using mobile phones is concerned. Almost everyone uses a mobile device that requires the use of one or more bundle packs. Much money is spent on buying bundles every day in almost every part of the world today.

In today's article, I will reveal to you a way you can buy an SMS bundle of 100 units with just Ghc 0.01 (one pesewa). This is an article that will benefit MTN users mostly. About 95% of Ghanaians use MTN. And for that reason, I thought it wise to share it with my noble MTN users.

You can purchase 100 SMS units with just Ghc 0.01 which means repeating it 10 times gives you 1000 SMS units with just Ghc 0.10.

Follow the steps closely.

1. Dial *138#

2. Choose 99 (More)

3. Enter option 6 (More)

4. Select option 1 (Buy combo bundle)

5. Choose 1 (Buy self bundle)

6. Choose 3 (Super saver bundle)

7. Choose option 4 (Enter amount)

8. Enter 0.01

9. Choose option 1 (Buy)

10. Finally choose option 1 (Buy with airtime)

Thank you for reading.

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