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The beginning of a successful story, how Opera news hub is gradually changing my life.

I honestly didn't know about Opera news hub until last year December, i was surfing through an anonymous app called jodel and i chanced upon "Opera news pays so drop your telegram handles for more details". I thought it was a joke but i dropped my telegram handle for the original jodeller to add me to their telegram group. The admin showed us how to write and get paid on Opera so i decided to put my writing skills to the test.

My journey on Opera news hub started this year January but it hasn't been easy, most of the guys i started with dropped out due to low reach and clicks, i even thought of quitting because i wasn't getting enough click and at times no clicks at all. I got tired of writing but i told myself even if I'm not getting enough clicks then I'll continue to write just for the fun aspect of it, i got more of my articles published then oneday i tried publishing an article and it got rejected, that was my first rejection though. I almost cried but i had to man up and learn from others because i wasn't getting in touch with my mentor. 

January was very hard for me, my total earnings wasnt even up to the required threshold amount but i didn't give up. Out of nowhere Opera news hub started the lounge programmes and i decided to give it a try, i failed to understand what the feblounge programme was all about so i wasn't named as part of the winners but my click rate started getting decent. Marchlounge stated and i gave it my all, my articles started getting more clicks and fortunately my name was part of the winners, the beginning of a successful story. March was good to me so has April, my journey as a writer on Opera news hub hasn't been easy at all, with a lot of fraud going on it takes patience and diligence to be a writer on Opera news hub, my motto " don't give small money chance, write every idea down" motivates me all the time.

Opera news has thought me a lesson in this life, it pays to wait and laziness isn't an option at all. I have to be honest, opera news is gradually changing my life and I'm glad i chanced upon that opera post on jodel. So to all the up and coming writers, i hope my story would motivate you and everyone out there, to the Opera news hub management, all i can say is thank you for laying out this opportunity to us all.

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