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Sad: Mark drops sadly to the 6 position on World Richest Rank After Facebook failed to function.

History recorded that 28th March 2019, Facebook fialed to function and it did not happen again untill today. Today is Monday 4th October 2021 and another sad news hits the Owner or the invertor of Facebook who later acquired WhatsApp and Instagram. It was a global or worldwide outage. That some people all over the world could not get access to the WhatsApp and Facebook.

The latest update from Forbes indicated that, the worldwide outage of these tree 3 apps have done worse than good to Mark Zuckerberg. Previous when he was ranked among the top 4 richest men on earth, the sad incident this afternoon have made him to drop sadly from the lader to the 6th Possition.

The reason leading to the his sad drop from the World Richest Rank to the 6th possition was as a result of him losing $5.9 billion dollars within few hours.

This is to say that, time is money. We need to take care of out time and use it wisely. Currently, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have done a good job and for some few hours ago, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is functioning. We hope and Pray that, Mark Zuckerberg will claim higher again in his world Richest lader.

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