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Uber, Bolt and Yango imposes difficulties on online drivers.

The first online application to be accepted by Ghanaians was Uber. Then followed by Bolt. This online platforms created jobs and eased the stress in getting a cab.

The youths especially embraced this platforms. This platforms have almost taken over from our normal taxis.

The drivers on this platforms are meant to pay a service fee of 25%, 20% and 15% on uber, bolt and yango respectively. According to drivers, uber blocks their accounts every two day until the service fee is paid. Bolt on the other hand bolt blocks drivers when their service fee reaches Gh¢ 70.00. While on Yango it is pay as you go.

There have been increased in the price of fuel but this online platforms refuses to increase fare prices.

In America and some other parts of Europe this online drivers are giving the drivers less charges with more incentives.

From the image below one could tell a driver made payment to Uber in an hour ago. Just about two (2) hours later receives an alert for payment in two days time.

As for bolt the 20% they are taking from drivers isn't enough for them. They are now stealing from the drivers.

A driver ended the week owing bolt an amount of Gh¢ 11.80 haven't worked this week. Today when he checked the money has increased to Gh¢ 150.00. Some other drivers facing the same issue matched to their head office only for them to close the office.

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