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"Will GH₵300 be okay for a traditional marriage?"-A Ghanaian man makes inquiry and got mixed answers

What marriage is for women is different from what marriage is to men. For instance, in the African setting (Ghana as a case study), the only major responsibility of a woman when it comes to marriage ceremonies expenses is to say "Yes" to the man's marriage proposal and also get dressed on the D Day.

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On the contrary, it is a different ball game entirely for the men. As a matter of fact, most men are already mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ready to settle down but the strength of their bank account balance won't allow their marriage desires to come to pass.

The truth is, most men are willing to settle down but their financial status won't allow their willingness to scale through. To make issues worse, the marriage requirements are not something that can be affordable by every adult male. If only families and the appropriate quarters can review marriage lists and make things conveniently affordable for an average living man!

Joke or no jokes, in the quest to know how much it will cost to successfully foot the expenses of Traditional Marriage, a male Ghanaian Facebook user by the name, Peter Banner took to a Facebook group, "Tried & True" to clear his mind on the issue of discourse. According to him, he wanted to know if 300ghc would be enough to foot the expenses of Traditional Marriage.

"Will 300gh be okay for a traditional marriage??" Peter Banner inquired.

His post which seems a bit hilarious attracted people to the comment section to give an answer to the question he asked. See some of them below:

Now, what answer do you have to give to the man in question? Will that amount of money be enough?

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