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GSS set to deploy Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing(CAPI) in the 2021 Census.

GSS set to deploy Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing(CAPI) in the 2021 Census.

Advancement in Information and Communication Technology have brought up new approaches for data collection which are faster and of higher quality than the traditional paper based methods. Mobile electronic devices, such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and Personal Digital Assistant(PDA) have proved to reduce data capture and processing time. This method also minimize errors, ensures real-time data transmission and monitoring thereby improving data quality over the paper Assisted Personal Interviewing(PAPI) method. With the Paper Assisted Interviewing(PAPI) enumerator can sit in his room and just enter any data which affects the quality of the data.

CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing) is a technology that uses mobile devices (personal digital assistants, laptops, tablets, and smartphones) and internet or cellular networks to enable field officers to collect data on the field. Interview data is collected using electronic questionnaires on mobile devices and transmitted to a central server database for real-time quality control and analysis. CAPI also offers active data collection management tools such as progress reports, which allow project managers to monitor and organize fieldwork efficiently.

Use of CAPI eliminates several operational and data processing steps in traditional face-to-face paper interview data production(such as printing, data entry and physical management of the the questionnaires) This reduces the time lag between data collection and analysis. Overall data quality is improved because the use of electronic questionnaires enables automatic skip patterns to check entry quality during the interviews. Data validation can be done during data collection, as the information is ready for statistical analysis as soon as an interview is completed.

Benefits of CAPI over Paper questionnaire for data collection 

Quality: Computes skip and codes automatically, Incorporate multimedia, enables use of GPS functionality, survey progress monitoring in real-time for quality control and analysis and real-time prompt for errors. 

Timeliness: reduces the time lag between data collection and publication of results, reduces data entry time, enables real-time data access and enables real-time monitoring of coverage. 

Cost: space for data entry office resolved, saves paper cost, eliminate data entry cost and save cost of storage for paper questionnaire. 

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