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Install Emergency Apple iOS 14.4.1 or risk Cybersecurity Threat.

A new update of iOS has uploaded has been released for iPhone users to install now.

iPhone users have been waiting for a new release of operating system, iOS 14.5, but Apple in a recent release asked all its users to install the emergency update iOS 14.4.1. This sudden update is as a result of an important security fixes that will beupdated on the iOS 14.4.

Google threat analysis group, Clèment Lecigne and Alison Huffman of Microsoft reports a vulnerability in the engine that powers the Safari browser. Although Apple has not given details of the threat, iPhone makers wants users to download the security update to prevent criminals from unlockingdetails of users.

Daniel Card, a Cybersecurity consultant says user interactions like visiting a malicious web page, or even emails can allow attackers to run their code with the iPhone vulnerability. Card affirms that users should install this new update.

Kate O’Flaherty of Forbes confirms this new update in an article on and says iOS 14.4.1 has the ability to fix security threats as it is a pure security update.

Content created and supplied by: NardKobby (via Opera News )

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