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Create More Than Content: LinkedIn To Monetize Its Platform For Creative Users To Make Extra Money.

Earlier this year, LinkedIn, a Microsoft owned network for professionals launched its story format and later expanded its tools for its creators but a monetization element wasn't built into the system. Looking at platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok has been able to draw the attention of many by rewarding their creators.

LinkedIn is now partnering with creators who are eager to start a conversation about the world of work and also those wanting to build a community in the process. It will be launching a 25 million dollar fund in order to bring in more creators unto the platform and this will be focused around a new creator accelerator program.

''We’ll be starting to test audio with a small pilot group in the coming weeks,” Chris Szeto, Senior Director of Product at LinkedIn said in a statement. “Given the trends in virtual, hybrid events we are also working on making audio part of our overall event strategy rather than a standalone offering, so that we can give people more choice about how they want to run and engage with their audiences.”

Creating content on LinkedIn is about creating opportunity, for yourselves and others,” Andrei Santalo, global head of community at LinkedIn, wrote in the blog post.

LinkedIn also announced it will be scrapping its story format and now focus on short video contents on the platform.

What is LinkedIn looking for?

LinkedIn is asking applicants to share a creative idea to bring to life over the 10-week program. Applications will be evaluated across four key areas, of which are:

Creativity: Does the creator have an original and compelling vision for how to start conversations on LinkedIn and build community? Can they create engaging, helpful, and quality content including video and other media?

Passion: Does the creator's idea focus on something helpful within the world of work? Will it inspire meaningful conversations amongst members?

Commitment: Does the creator have a thoughtful & specific plan for bringing their content to life?

Impact: Does the creator’s focus align with LinkedIn’s vision and mission of creating economic opportunity? Will their content engage the target audience? Has this creator demonstrated an ability to build community on or off LinkedIn?

Applicants must be 18 years and above, LinkedIn members, and residents of the United States. Also, these people are not eligible to apply for the program; Members of the LinkedIn Influencer program, LinkedIn employees and contractors, and employees and contractors of LinkedIn’s parent company and Microsoft.

Selected creators, up to a hundred for now, will receive a $15,000 USD grant as well as resources and support from the LinkedIn Community Management team.

Until October 12 2021, you can now register to be a part of this move. Here is the link to help you register

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