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How to deal with minor repairs of your computer

There are certain type of repairs that you might want to undertake yourself. These are usually minor fixes that can be handled with a bit of instruction and attention to detail. A computer repair that you might be able to take care of yourself is the replacement of the computer's battery or fan. Every desktop computer has a fan inside of it. This fan is used to keep the computer's components cool. The fan operates efficiently to ensure the computer do not get overheated. The first sign that your computer's fan might not be working properly is that you will notice a different sound when you start the computer. Instead of immediately taking it to computer repair shop, take a moment to test the fan. Computers typically have two fans. One is used to cool the power supply and the other is used to cool the CPU. Open the cover of the computer and listen. If the sound does appear to be coming from the fan that cools the CPU you will want to replace it. Follow the instructions to repair it yourself,

The very first and most important step when doing any computer repair is to unplug the computer from the electrical outlet. You will then need to examine the fan to see how it is connected. It will probably be attached by a few small screws. Once these are loosened you will need to disconnect the fan from its power supply. This will be one or two small clips. Then take the fan to your computer repair shop and purchase a new one. After replacing it, reattach the cover and plug the machine in. The fan should operate perfectly now and the noise that you were hearing will have disappeared. Thank you.

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