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The secret has been revealed: Checkout meaning of the half part of apple symbol

The tech industry has been hot these days with brand aficionados which fans are always found of arguing over which brand is the best. This argument exists in particular between the Apple (IOS) brand and the Android brand. Apple users, especially iPhone users, seem to think they do it in life, but INHOCENTNEWS 'shocking in-depth analysis shows the Apple sign or logo is evil!

Don't be angry, let me walk you through some biblical basics to prove to you that the apple sign is utterly evil.

Logo designer Janoff once said that one bite of the Apple logo initially served a very practical purpose, but in reality the logo refers to Eva biting into the forbidden fruit. And my in-depth critical analysis shows that the discovery of Newton's gravity associated with or associated with the logo is obscure and misleading.

The apple symbol or apple logo symbolizes man's disobedience to God. This symbol is one of the oldest and strongest in Western mythology. Rob Yanov, designer of the Apple logo, claims he did not explicitly intend for a biblical reference when creating the logo in 1977.

Apple products are widely used in our homes, and that means simple and elegant brand icons are part of our daily lives. But what does that mean? Drink some juice and relax for this deep mystique.

This is where the fun begins. Have you ever heard a story about someone who took a bite out of an apple?

CEO Jean Louis Gassée, one of the pioneers of the apple brand, once revealed his secret by calling the logo a "symbol of PRODUCTION AND ARGONIZATION". It is now clear that most of the young girls of this generation sold their dignity and pride in men's sleep with them for this so-called "iphone."

Eve disobeyed God when she was tempted by a demonic snake: “And when the woman saw that the tree was good to eat and it was pleasing to the eye and that the tree should be wise, she took some of its fruit and ate it. . “It was a big mistake made by someone who made God very angry, so the devil decided to take advantage of it and do more damage.

In general, the apple logo was created to mock the creator and tell him we didn't stick with it. It also describes Satan ruling the Garden of Eden where we now live.

Remember that the land (later the Garden of Eden) would have been a better place if it weren't for this APPLE.

Content created and supplied by: Ashamoa004 (via Opera News )

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